Syndicated Loan


Syndicated loan is a form of loan business in which two or more lenders jointly provide loans for one or more borrowers under the same terms and conditions for an agreement. The product mainly serves large group customers and large construction projects. With syndicated loan, the borrower can obtain large amount of long-term financing under uniform loan conditions. During the raising of syndicated loan, the borrower can boost its market influence and improve market image.


  1. Large amount and long term. It can meet borrowers' demand for funds of long term and large amount.
  2. Less time and effort for financing. It is usually the responsibility of the arranger for doing the preparation work of establishing the syndicate after the borrower and the arranger has agreed on loan terms by negotiation. During implementation of the loans, the borrower does not need to face all members of the syndicate, and relevant withdrawal, repayment of principal with interest and other management work related to the loans shall be fulfilled by the agency bank.
  3. Diversified approaches for syndicated loans. The same loan syndications can include many forms of loans, such as fixed-term loans, revolving loans, standby L/C line on requirements of the borrower. 
  4. It can help the borrowers establish a good image in the market. Successful establishment of the syndicate comes from the participants' full recognition of the borrower's financial and operational performance, by which the borrower can build up their reputation.


Syndicated loan mainly adopts one single currency. Multiple currencies can be used in a single syndicated loan on demand of the borrower.

Interest Rate

The price of syndicated loan is composed of loan interest and fees.

Lending interest rate shall be set, for different borrowers, in line with the provisions of the syndicated loan contracts.

Related Charges

Charges mainly include arrangement fee, underwriting fee, agency fee, commitment fee.

Target Customers

  1. Borrowers who require long-term and large-amount loan.
  2. Borrowers with high reputation in the industry, whose operation ability as well as financial and technical strength are recognized by most banks.