Working Capital Loans


Working capital loans are issued to meet customers' short-term financing demand during the process of production and operation, thus ensuring the normal running of production and operation activities.


As an efficient and practical means of financing, characterized by the short loan term, simple procedures, stronger turnover, and lower financing costs.

In terms of the loan form, it can be divided into secured loans, which can be further divided into many forms such as guarantee, mortgage and pledge, and credit loans;

Loan Currency

Vietnamese Dong.

Borrower can apply for foreign currency loan provided such loans used as overseas payment for imported goods and services and for borrowers to manufacture and trade goods which are exported through Vietnam's border checkpoints, provided the foreign currency derived from the turnover is sufficient to repay such loans (excluding foreign currency sources from capital injection, investment capital, foreign loans or other sources not from production and business operation).

Interest Rate

Applied in accordance to the loan interest rate management regulations of the Bank and the provision of contract.

Related Charges

Charges are subject to the contract.

Target Customers

Borrowers should be the enterprise (institutions) legal persons, other economic organizations which are approved to the registered by the competent authorities.