Letter of credit issuing

Which is the best payment method to protect the buyer?

A letter of Credit (L/C) is the best payment method to protect the interests of both the buyer and supplier in trade transactions. We will issue L/C as the request of the buyer, committed to pay at sight (for L/C at sight) or at a certain time (for L/C deferred payment) to the beneficiary of L/C (I.E supplier/seller/exporter) when the beneficiary present the documents comply with the terms and conditions of L/C.

Back to back L/C

As a middleman, how can you profit from trade without disclosing and identity or details of your ultimate buyer and supplier?

A back-to-back L/C safeguards your interests as a middleman by refraining from the disclosure of the identity/details of your supplier to your customers and vice versa. You simply provide us with the original L/C (called “master L/C”) and we will issue another L/C involving the same lot of goods (called “baby L/C”) to the supplier. In this transaction, customers requesting to issue baby L/C are required to have a credit facility with our bank.

L/C Transfer

As a middleman, how can you issue a L/C without credit facilities?

A Transfer L/C is an ideal solution. You can wholly or partially transfer the L/C to your supplier at your request, provides the L/C is ‘transferable”. Under such circumstances, the name of the buyer and that of the supplier must be disclose.

Import Bills for Collection

Do you and your supplier consider L/C issuance to be bothersome?

Import collection is a simpler alternative to L/Cs. When your suppliers send the documents to us through their bankers, we will inform you immediately. Documents are released to you when your supplier’s payment terms are fulfilled.

There are two types of import collection:

Documents against payment (D/P): Where we will release the documents to you against full payment;

Documents against acceptance (D/A): where we will release the documents to you against acceptance of the bill of exchange (draft) guaranteeing payment on the maturity date.

Shipping Guarantee

Do you want to take delivery of goods prior to the arrival of shipping documents?

Whenever the goods arrive prior to your receipt of shipping documents. We can help you to take delivery of goods by issuing the Shipping Guarantee to the shipping company. The payment will make on the maturity date.

Import loan

Can you get loan from our Bank when the goods arrive?

With the flexible interest rate and the simplest procedures, we will provide you with temporary shortage of funds of imported goods.